Broad market of plastic mold industry

Author: admin | Time:2017.06.12
In recent years, Chinese plastic mold industrial grow very soon.The plastic mold get very broad market cause the plastic production increasingly widespread use. China's mold industry market is very large, and trend growth 15% to 20% each year.
In recent years, the manufacturing level of plastic mold manufacturer's has been greatly improved, the plastic mold weight of a single set has reached more than 50t, the accuracy of precision plastic mold has reached 3cm, multi-cavity plastic molds can produce 7,800 cavities number plastic mold. More molder attention the status. With the continuous improvement of the rapid development of the plastics industry and general engineering plastics in terms of strength, range of applications of plastic products is also expanding, the amount of plastic products is on the rise. 
The impact of various policies by the state and the market continues to expand the space, automotive, packaging and other industries is very rapid development momentum in recent years, not only have a great development in productivity, but also in the high-end aspects of these industries also has made great progress. Therefore, three industries in the low end of the high school have a strong demand for mold. According to the relevant industry statistics show that chinese output of plastic products in 2012 close to 60 million tons, and continues to grow in the process, we can see that domestic demand for China's mold industry has a huge impetus.
     With the vigorous development of the information technology of the electronic information industry and the traditional industries, the prospect of a vast market of plastic molds, a global high-grade, precision plastic mold market is in short supply situation.